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“Pull up a chair.Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” -Ruth Reichl


Caitlin Townsend

A few Tasty Morsels about Caitlin

From the time I was a little girl and made my first batch of cookies, I was hooked. The fact that the cookies were quite terrible didn’t stop me from trying again! It opened up a world of possibilities that food could bring instant satisfaction to people, (at least when it turned out). It was a way to show love.

Growing up, we always had freshly baked goods and dinner on the table. This was all done by my very hard working mom who ran her own antique store and still made time to cook when my sisters and I got home from school.  Baking was also on my Dad’s side as his grandfather started the Davis Bakery, which was famous for its tiny coconut pies. So I suppose food is in my blood and has always come naturally.

Even at a young age I was an entrepreneur and started my own catering business, Quick Fixins. I would pack up all of the dinners and deliver them in a little red wagon to the busy neighborhood moms. My love affair learning about good food continued to grow and it has never stopped.


Upon graduating from The Culinary Institute of America, cooking all over the country, I found myself in the quirky town of Colonial Beach, Virginia. Together my mom and I opened up the Tides Inn Market, a little gourmet shop that morphed over the years into something akin to “Cheers,” serving great wine, a local menu, and live music.

After falling in love with the town, (and one townsperson in particular), my husband and I founded Winterberry Farm. We renovated the space, and I began teaching cooking classes showcasing the local herbs and seasonal bounty. The Farmhouse has two lovely guest rooms to rent out and soon a tiny cottage!

However, it’s more than just cooking, it’s engaging all of your senses; smelling the food while you taste a sip of wine, listening for that sizzle that lets you know when the pan is just right, seeing the look of happiness on everyone’s face as you sit around a long table lit with candles. This experience is what I want to bring to you. It’s just a taste, so come and see for yourself!

Winterberry Farm

Winterberry Farm


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Kelly Sherman

Winterberry Farmhouse is a gem. I love that I can drive just a short ways from Richmond and be transported in to a totally different world. Cooking classes and seasonal retreats with Caitlin are an immersive experience in all things beautiful and delicious. The antique décor to the gourmet food- you get to learn a little, create a little, eat a little, and relax a lot. I’m always looking forward to the next one!